Tuesday, September 16, 2008

UP x Juxtapoz x Sparks Ignite What's Next: THE ATLANTA AFTERMATH, PART 2

Here is Part 2 of Mickey's blog from the UP x Juxtapoz x Sparks IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT tour stop last Saturday in Atlanta. Boston is coming up this Saturday, so New Englanders, beware! And we got video up there to make this a 2008 sort of travel journal.

Friday started innocently enough, although it's strange how much N8's head looks like a cue ball.

If you saw these 2 dudes, holding these 2 sticks, walking towards your 1 self, you still wouldn't have to be afraid (despite the fact that they're 30 ft. tall), because they're harmless (most of the time).

This dude, on the other hand...

Saw a write up for the tour that we were on (plus a handsome pic one Mr. Pardee), in the local entertainment rag.

Praying... wait, this isn't a church?

Apparently everyone has different methods for the shocker.

This lovely lass will get a lot more shine, once I get further into my Claremont chronicles. Seems like Sam's pretty tired and N8 is extremely hungry. Must be that long day's work.

This dude was our door guy for the night. He was cool as shit and dealt with getting a packed house in and out as smoothly as possible.

Another huge asset @ Lenny's was Bubba. This dude was climbing through wet tar w/ me, on top of the roof, just to help hang a huge banner. When someone asked what he was getting out of it, he simply said, "Getting to help and be a part of a cool ass show... what's it to you?"

D.R.E.S. tha Beatnik was in the house, hosting the joint, but also throwing out some rhymes when he thought the crowd deserved a little something.

A. Leon Craft was also in effect. He played with Gripplyaz, but also had some time to shine solo.

Raise ya hand up.

What else do you need...sick MC's, a hyped crowd, a DJ, a dude rocking shit on an MPC, + some booty... oh yeah, and Sparks.

Toy & Allana, from Lee Harvey Oswald, getting political.

Don't know their names, but they had just met that night and were already in some very adult talks... serious plans were getting made, right before they asked if they could have their picture taken in front of Sam's canvas.

Bedroom eyes.

Pardee making one of the many ATL Juxtapoz readers happy.

Again, Killer Mike & The Grind Time Rap Gang crushing the crowd... Bang bang!

Here is all of Lee Harvey Oswald, getting cozy, after hours. Thanks again!

A quick flick of the inside mural. The lighting was crap, so I'll have to get you another picture, at some point in the future... keep yer eyes peeled.

The next day, we went to a spot called Vortex for brunch. Due to the Jesus laws, we weren't able to serve us booze, until 11:30am. Since we arrived at approximately 11:15, the following 15 minutes weren't the best. What really got us, was that they'd serve amazing food like this (along with the fried appetizers we got) at any hour, but not let you have a beer/bloody mary with it, until 11:30am. I then realized that it was the Sabbath and they just wanted to be fair to all the god-fearing church folk... I mean, who wouldn't be bummed about other people imbibing, while you're stuck in church.

This seemed like a running theme for the trip and so it only seems fair to include this painted beauty in our blog entry.

While we were in the airport, I asked ol' Sammy Granny-Basket Flores what was the one thing he wished he'd gotten to do in Atlanta, but didn't quite get to... I think he was telling me, "Dirty Sanchez! Dirty Sanchez!" But I'm not quite sure.

Pardee didn't like the Dirty Sanchez answer, or he agreed and was equally sad.

Home sweet home.

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