Monday, September 15, 2008

UP x Juxtapoz x Sparks Ignite What's Next: THE ATLANTA AFTERMATH

Goddamn....they don't call it the dirty south, for nothin'. Folks are serious about how they party down in Atlanta. We just came back from a very successful first leg of the Ignite What's Next tour, sponsored by Upper Playground, Juxtapoz, and Sparks. A big shout to the artists (N8 Van Dyke, Alex Pardee and ol' Sammy Bad-Hands Flores), the musicians who played at the show (Killer Mike and the Grind Time Rap Gang, Lee Harvey Oswald, A.Leon, Gripplyaz, Trip, and the host, D.R.E.S. tha Beatnik), the Beatchefs and all the folks at Lenny's Bar who helped make the event a success. Also, I can't forget to throw HUGE props to Kathy, who runs the Claremont Lounge and let us take photo/video footage of some of the craziest s**t I've ever seen. Along with that, I need to thank the lovely Claremont ladies, who assisted in making dreams come true. There are hundreds and hundreds of photos to sift through, but here is a small sampling, to give y'all a taste of what ATL had to offer us. Up there, that's the whole crew (L to R...Sam Flores, Alex Pardee and N8), as we prepare to make our first stop, eat our first real meal and drink our first beer in ATL. —Mickey

This was our first stop: The Corner Tavern. ATL Steve immediately hooked it up with info on where to go and who to talk to. Good looking out, Steve. For those of you who have followed Upper Playground for a while, you may recognize Sammy Smooth-Cheeks' vintage U.P. jersey... you also may notice that he tweezes his eyebrows, which we discovered during the trip (sorry Sam).

This is a view from the back of Lenny’s Bar, while the last couple of rays of sun hit the tracks. From here, we headed back to the hotel for a drink and shower, before hitting Atlanta on a Friday night.

This picture wasn’t the best image from the taxi to the Claremont, but it was the only one that came out clearly.

An appropriate face to make, for a non-drinker, upon entrance to The Claremont.

Let the games begin, bitches.

Betcha didn’t know that ol’ Sammy Two-Touch was also a pirate. Of sorts.

Our 3 artists, plus one of theirs.

If you know N8, you know that he’s a little emotionally handicapped, but apparently this handicap isn’t restricted to his sensitive feelings.

Loading canvases in to the whip so we can make our way top Lenny’s Bar and start painting.

Gentlemen . . . start yer engines.

Tools of the trade.

Secret nothings getting whispered.

Pardee's finished canvas. Alex is a weird dude.

The dudes in front of Sam and N8's finished pieces.

D.R.E.S. tha Beatnik reppin’ Juxtapoz.

Gripplyaz was one of the earlier acts, but rolled on to the stage and lit s**t up. Tall and lanky, but smooth as hell.

Lee Harvey Oswald played right before Killer Mike. This crew was about 9 deep and was a perfect blend of well crafted beats, great flows, and 2 sweet dancers. The dancers also need to be thanked for showing 2 members of the UP team a great ending to the evening . . . thanks for the call.

Killer Mike getting introduced by D.R.E.S.

Killer Mike and the Grind Time Rap Gang . . . in a nutshell, they killed it.

Sam and Alex. Friends forever.

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