Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Two new books from FIFTY24SF Gallery; Alex Pardee and Anthony Lister

Tales of White Trash Prophecy, by Anthony Lister
The superhero fine art of Australian-born, New York City-based Anthony Lister has now made it to hardcover, 96-page format. Ranging from fine art portraits of Spiderman and Superman, to live installations involving a captive Batman, Lister’s work has been exhibited across the world, garnering attention for his unique sense of childlike wonderment and immense painting skills. Tales of White Trash Prophecy features photos of Lister’s friends, family, and artwork over the past few years. You can buy it here.

Awful/Homesick, by Alex Pardee
From the twisted artwork of Alex Pardee comes “Awful | Homesick,” a 96-page hardcover collection featuring the fine artists favorite works from 2005 to the present. Mixed with the dark, bizarre, and horror-inspired characters, “Awful | Homesick” also shows Pardee's influences from a comic book and graffiti-inspired childhood, with an exploration into the different styles of line work that he has worked on over the past few years. “Awful | Homesick” features a foreword from Jeben Berg. Now that you know the basics, just remember that the next time you are dreaming of waking up in a pool of your own blood. Remember the man Alex Pardee, because he probably has drawn the scenario better than you can think it. Buy it now.

And while you're at it, there is this lovely Alex Pardee limited deck (only 150 made) that we just released. Might as well get yourself on it.

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