Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tree-sitters . . .. away!

The UP Berkeley store stands a stone's throw from the now infamous and packing their bags tree sitters. Well, not a stone's throw, but a slight walk of around 5-7 minutes. JP went a took some shots of the scene yesterday, as disaster fell upon the young kids who called the tree home for nearly two years. We applaud the effort, but can we have a Rose Bowl team now, please?

UP should have sponsored the sitters. They were getting more press than McCain before this whole Alaska business. They could have worn the Berkeley Radicals tee, it would have been great. We still miss Mario Savio.

Look, the cops are getting near! Climb higher!

Top of the tree! Nobody can see us here.

Oh wait, yes they can. We're done.

How do we get down? Maybe if they cut the tree down we can reach the ground easier. Off to bother more institutions.

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