Monday, September 8, 2008

Justin Bua x Upper Playground x Obama limited poster

In an ongoing effort to secure Democratic hopeful Barack Obama's presidential bid, fine artist Justin Bua is the latest artist to partner with Upper Playground to produce a Barack Obama print. Justin Bua has gained international acclaim with his raw depictions of urban street life, hip-hop, and jazz musicians. His posters are best-sellers in the US and Canadian college markets.

You can buy it here.

Justin Bua’s Barack Obama posters are part of an ongoing series from Upper Playground of artist collaborations in support of Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Upper Playground has endorsed Obama's campaign by creating posters featuring artwork from David Choe, Grotesk, The Date Farmers, Munk One, Ron English, Alex Pardee, Morning Breath, Mac, Sam Flores and Mear One, in addition to printing T-shirts with Shepard Fairey's Obama graphics to help support the campaign.

There are 200 prints made that are signed and numbered, and retail for $200. The limited-edition 18" x 24" print is available exclusively online. Please note: prints will not ship until October 8, 2008.

All proceeds from the sales of the poster will go directly to creating more campaign t-shirts, posters, and stickers by other artists in support of Obama's bid for President. Stay tuned to a new Upper Playground project in support of Barack Obama to be announced later this month.

About Justin Bua
For over a decade, artist Justin Bua has been making a mark on popular culture with his unique style of “Distorted Urban Realism,” single-handedly spearheading a new genre of art. He created numerous CD covers for companies such as Warner Bros., Atlantic Records, Sony Music and BMG Music, as well as advertising work for clients like Weiden+Kennedy and The Nike Corporation. In 1999, BUA animated the opening title sequence for MTV's “The Lyricist Lounge Show.” Then, in a process that took over two years, BUA conceived, created and wrote “Urbania”, an animation series for Comedy Central. BUA went on to develop the characters and backgrounds for the EA Sports video game, “NBA Street” and “NFL Street”. Bua’s audience is a diverse group that ranges from street kids to former US Presidents, graffiti writers to fine art connoisseurs, rap fans to jazz aficionados. His posters are best-sellers in the US and Canadian college markets. Please visit for more information.

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