Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cody Hudson & Michael Sieben at FIFTY24SF Gallery

This Thursday will be a show of epic proportions at FIFTY24SF Gallery in San Francisco. There will be two solo shows featuring the works of Cody Hudson and Michael Sieben. Both guys are cool ass geezers and would love for you to stop by their shows.

If you have ever skateboarded or still do skateboard then you already know how sick both of these dudes art is. Chances are that you have either ridden a board with their work on it or seen it displayed at your local skate shop. If you’ve never ridden a skateboard, well that's your loss, but don't blow it twice in one lifetime by missing this show. If you’re in SF, come by FIFTY24SF on Thursday, June 5th for the opening reception from 7-9:30 pm.

Cody Hudson Preparing for his "Save my Life" Exhibit

Hudson Working his Magic

Austin-based artist Michael Sieben sets up his "Heroes for Ghosts" Exhibit

Sieben's Exhibit will Include a Collection of Paintings, Drawings & Sculptural Installation

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