Thursday, April 3, 2008

April new era's

Yes sir. That's right, the month just started. So in case your not catching on, that means we have three more New Era's for you. Jot it down, mark in your fancy I-phone, do what ever you want because if you forget about it, these will be gone.

I think I would fish way more if every time I pulled out my anchor one of these beauties were attached to it. But since it doesn’t ever happen I have to settle for this fresh new Superfishal New era. With my favorite fantasy depicted on it.


You know how some times you see those weird stretched car. They look so weird that you can hardly tell what they are. Well this is the Date Farmers interpretation of that but with a bike.


This New Era is built in with its own security system. Hidden in those beautiful illustrated flowers are sharp pointy thorns. Mr. Flores really nows how to protect your gear.


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