Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Upper Playground Family in London

If you didn't already know, Upper Playground has invaded London in the form of David Choe and Saber. Choe is in the old city for his solo show at the Lazarides Gallery, and Saber will be painting away all-day at our UP London store this Friday, February 29th. Saber also has a full exhibition in space that we secured for him for the entire month of March. Hey, you have to secure things with all those goddamn CCTV cameras everywhere.

A nice mural by Choe and Saber.

Billies, enjoying a nice tag.

Where Saber will land. You can buy some tennis gear if you want. 63 Broadwick, London, England, right down the way from UP London.

Saber's spiders.

The Choe whale.

Upper Playground London
31 Kingly Street
London, England

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