Sunday, January 20, 2008

R.I.P Cootman. 1997-2008

We are sad to announce that our Sgt. of Arms, Cooter passed away this Friday. Cooter has been with us from the beginning and held down the Fillmore for nine years. To anyone who had the pleasure of spending time with this super dog you will understand how much we will miss him.
R.I.P Cootman. 1997-2008


Annie said...

Cooter will definitely be missed by all. He was indeed the most loyal, loving dog ever. Just watching his little stump of a tail wag when he sees a familiar face come in the back door of the fillmore store is enough to melt even the bitterest of hearts. He was also the best puffing partner at the end of a long day. I miss you cooterpatooter!

Tony said...