Monday, January 21, 2008

David Choe in the movie Juno (kinda)

Work by David Choe can be seen in Jason Reitman's latest film Juno. Cheeeeck it!

Also, look out for Cut Chemist as the, ahem, Chemistry teacher.

PS. That hamburger phone is siiiiiick!


soma city said...

it looks like someone familiar at the left of the top photo. swoon? ben tour?

you can get the phone here.

a.kell said...

yeah, left of top does seem kinda ben tour-esque.
but what first stood out to me was tara mcpherson at the right of the top picture.
juno's very up to date with her artists, lol... somebody reads juxtapoz (both choe and mcpherson were feat'd in jux's january '07 issue)