Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Right now i am sitting in a old broke down furnace in the basement of the compound where Dave Ellis and Doze are working on new art for their show at 5024SF Gallery. I did some serious breaking and entering and snuck in here last night. I know if i get caught i am dead, but i wanted to see what they were up to. Ill show you what i have found so far.

You need a good escape plan to any mission. But you need to know where you are first.

I hired some Ex-military dude to fly me in by chopper. This is the view from above the compound.

Once inside the compound i did some investigating. The first thing i came across was their schedule. And you thought being a artist was easy.

This scared me half to death when i came across it. It was dark and i came out of one of the heating vents, stood up, and was face to face with these creepy ass things.
Oh shit... Hold on... i think i hear some one coming.... If i don't get back to you today I will show you the rest tomorrow. I just cant get get caught. Shit they are getting cl........

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