Thursday, December 6, 2007


Sorry about my abrupt stop yesterday. I heard some one coming down into the basement as i was typing. I thought for sure i was had. Luckily i managed to push myself all the way to the back of the furnace scaring out some mice. Who ever came down to check on the noise must of just figured it was the mice that came scurrying out of the furnace. Thanks you dirty little rodents.

I waited till night set in again, then i came out of hiding and made my way back up to the ground floor of the compound. I spotted this. Which makes me think that someone is on to me. I better tread lightly.

I get the feeling that i am being watched. I think these masks have some sort of camera system in them. Cant be sure though.

I was wandering the halls of the compound when i heard this awful screaming. Just seconds after that i heard what sounded like sawing. I thought for sure i was about to stumble upon a gruesome murder site. To my surprise it looked more like a giant stone had fallen on Doze and Dave was trying to cut him out of it.

I decided to take the hole in the wall on the other side of where Dave was cutting and see what was really going on. I mean you cant really cut stone like that can you?
This is what i discovered, not a real stone at all. Doze was fine.

Now i had to get out of there, cause that was way to close. Just one phone call.
My exit via Ex. Navy Seals.

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