Saturday, November 3, 2007

Vermont Day 12

Worker Ants

Welcome to Vermont. Lots of clean air, trees, and maple syrup. Burlington was the smallest city we have stopped in thus far. But equally as good.
I did notice some funny hair do's though. I think it might be the elevation. VT. is in the mountains.

This guy walked 5 hours to come see the guys paint. He lived 4 blocks away.

Dave, Retna, and Saber Filling up the biggest wall space yet. Maven put the guys to work.

Dave getting the view of an outsider. Sometimes you just need another perspective.

Mike AKA Kid Vid has many hidden talents. Etch-a-Sketch happens to be one of them.
Way to represent.

Bram started to get sick in VT. By the time we went to the night event he had a bit of a problem seeing. I think he might be allergic to shellfish.

This is how we finished out the night. A die hard fan took us to get gravy fries, then preceded to walk around on his hands for the rest of the night. Don't know about you, but the last place i would want my hands to be before i ate gravy fries would be the floor of this restaurant. Maybe it's a VT thing?

Boston is the next stop. Cant wait cause the world series is going on so that should make our time in Boston either really good or really bad. Guess we should stock up on Yankees Gear.
See you there.

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