Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Road To Boston Day 13

So this is the last bit of our trip. Its on the road to Boston for our last stop. So rather than show you photos of us in the van I am gonna give you a little treat. Art work. I'm sure most of you don't really give a shit about my photos of the tour, and were thinking, where is all the art work? How come we haven't seen any yet? Well I was making you sweat a little that's why. Since i am in complete control here, I can force you to sit through all the other garbage first. Hope it wasn't that pain full.
So with no commercial breaks, or interruptions I give you some work By Dave Choe, Saber, And Retna.

Since i always have to have the last word just wanted to say your welcome. I wouldn't hold out on you forever.
See you in Boston.

Manu Cuts A Rug

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