Thursday, November 1, 2007

On The Road Day 11

Cleaning Up.

Well we are on the road again. We left New Haven and headed toward Burlington Vermont.
There isn't much to see along the way except trees and highway. That is why everyone pretty much slept except for me, i had to play chauffeur.
We did make one stop, at some little wooded rest stop in Vermont. That was the only time every one was awake at once.

Dave taking in some nature.

Saber never stops putting in work. No wonder everyone know his name. That shit is everywhere.

There are really only two things you can do in a portta potty. Take a whiz, or take a dump. Both suck equally as much cause it means holding your breath till your about to pass out. I think thats why Dave opted for option 3. Paint on them. What he left is better than what most other people leave there.

That's how its done kids. Drop it quick. Don't forget to hold your breath, the fumes are bad. Also don't worry about your spray, your not worried about the next person who is gonna hit it up after you. Plus the more you do it the more control you will get. Damn was i talking about portta potty etiquette or painting. I guess the rules apply for both.

Dave walking away from a crappy place.

That pretty much sums up our road trip to Vermont. I cant really drive and take photos of people sleeping. But i didn't think you would really want to see that anyway. You would have to be a total stalker to want to look at photos of them sleeping. So check in tomorrow to see what happened in Burlington Vermont.

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