Sunday, November 4, 2007

Boston Day 14

Welcome, glad you all could make it. This is the last stop for us. Bean town.
Its been fun, lots of crazy shit went down. Some really good art and a ton of orange smiles courtesy of Sparks.
Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us, to all the shops who let us come and make a mess at your establishment. Thank you to Upper Playground for being the best company ever and to Sparks for everything they put into this tour. Last but certainly not least- the talent; Dave, Retna, and Saber. You guys made this whole trip worth while. If anyone gets props it's you guys.

The Boston skyline the night we arrived.

This was pretty much our last supper. Dave didn't hold back. Now that's how you tear into a rack of lamb. (If you are vegetarian look away or man up and eat meat 'cause its good.)

So we stayed at a really nice hotel in Boston. Our room just so happened to be on the 23rd floor, and had a balcony. Most of you would be content just admiring the view but not me, I get antsy. However, throwing things off a twenty-three story building is probably not the best idea. So I decided to take it down a notch. Bram and I made about 100 paper airplanes and threw all of them off or balcony. It looked like a military invasion, or fleet week. Got to do something besides work all the time, right?

A memory of a house that used to be here.

I know Dave really liked his breakfast, so his expression was probably directed toward me sticking my camera in his face for the last 2 weeks. Don't worry I don't take it personal. Its just a job hazard.

I don't even know where to begin. Here is my conversation to get this photo:
Me: Why are you wearing that around your face?
Weirdo: (Shakes his head no)
Me: You cant tell me?
Weirdo: (Shakes head no)
Me: You cant talk either?
Weirdo: (Shakes head no)
Me: I'm taking your photo.
Weirdo: (Shakes head no) Click.
Me: Too bad you cant talk 'cause I bet you want to tell me off right now.
Weirdo: blank stare.

7L & Esoteric played...............ummmmmmmmmmmmmm is there an age limit to being a rapper?

That's it. Game over. Time to leave. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. If you came out and saw us, you probably did. If you didn't, better luck next time. Hopefully Red Sox fans burned their city to the ground after we left, they did win the series after all. So with that being said, I leave you with this Boston: "Go Yankees!" I don't watch sports but I know they hate that.
Keep checking in. More of the best blogging you have ever seen still to come in the future. See you then, or maybe not. Your loss if you don't come back though.
-Mr. Dragonette

Breakin is a memory.

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