Friday, October 26, 2007

Philly, Day 5

Dave destroys a sandwich at Famous 4th St. Deli in "Corned Beef, Chopped Liver, & Tongue"

So we made it through the first part of Philly. 1 for 2. We only had a day event the following day, so we hooked up with some friends and enjoyed the view from the roof.
Dave and Retna.

Went to Jinxed Clothing for a minute. You could hang out and smoke. That's rare, since it is illegal to smoke on earth anymore. I guess this place is the best place ever.
Retna made him self at home.

This dude made me laugh. Not sure why, but he did. Maybe cause he loved to inspect his own booger pickings. I shouldn't laugh; that could be me in ten years.

Dave was getting his tag on at Exit in Philly.

Saber was being harassed by paparazzi all day.

Dave, Retna, and Saber looking to spend a little bit of that per diem. Bling bling.

Thats all she wrote for Philly. Thanks for the love. Off to Jersey for us.

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