Thursday, October 25, 2007

Philly Day 4

Sobb Story.

So we made it to philly. The land of brotherly love. Which i think is a lie. Obviously they have never been to the Castro in San Francisco before they gave philly its name. Regardless of that, philly is a epic city and we enjoyed being there.

Im not sure if the cops were trying to say something, or if philly really just killed graffiti for its own selfish reasons. Either way Saber, Retna, and Dave resurrected her.

Breathing life back into the lungs of Graffiti.

If you didnt notice, this is the same dude eating the ice cream cone on day ones post. Saber wasnt feeling the hair do. So before we did anything, we went and gave mikey the chop.

Dave's biggest fan. At least thats what he's claiming. Got to do more than lurk in the corner to be some ones biggest fan. Like step one. At least buy one of Daves shirts from Upper Playground. Better step your game up or some one is gonna snatch that title from you kid.

Saber fannin out.

If this dosent convince you that hot dogs are made from the best stuff on earth. ( which by the way snapple stole that phrase from oscar meyer wiener.) I dont know what will.

Day one in philly. Good food, good times, great people. See there, I just gave philly its new state motto. Now give S.F. theirs back. See you tomorrow....

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