Monday, October 29, 2007

NYC Day 7

New York New York, the city so nice they named it twice. Our first stop in the city was the closet. All the way up in washington heights. The neighbor hood was so sick. Thanks Easy, you made it a fun day.

These kids swarmed the tour van demanding paint, so Dave and Saber had no choice but to oblige them.

Dave signing books right off the bat.

Saber starting things off.

Saber draws a crowd outside The Closet.

See, geezers like art too.

Snack Attack

Dave got suited up for this event. Then got down and dirty.

Bram shot this photo of me shooting some big buck. Bram is the man.

The night event was at Orchard bar. Lower east side. Hipster central.

So that was our first day in NYC. Sorry for the weak write up. I didn't have internet, I'm sick as hell, and I'm in the airport. I know, why don't I cry a little bit more. But check back tomorrow, cause I have some real gems for you. See you in Brooklyn.

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