Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New York Day 9

On the road again

Ahhhhhh a day off and well deserved for all i might add. We decided to spend it roaming around Manhattan before we left for New Haven Connecticut. Cause where would you rather hang out? Manhattan or Yale? Thats what i thought. So feel free to tag along.

Retna posting up in the subway station. Check the swagger.

Dave waiting for the train. Which means all of us were too.

Man I always knew dave was a genius, but after he shared what he was watching on the train, i came..... to the conclusion that he really is.

Old people and technology, like oil and water. Dosent she look like Smeagol from lord of the rings? My precious... Save the nerd jokes, cause if you know what im talking about then we are on the same playing field. Nerds!

Just thought i would show you how a real man blogs. You can keep all your cables, gig a bites, hard drives, and inter-web crap to yourself. Call me old fashion, i call you a rookie.

We found this old electric chair for sale at this creepy antique store. I insisted that Dave and Retna take it for a test drive.
I also neglected to tell them that it was plugged in. Luckily i only set it on shocker. Cant kill the talent, i could loose my job for that shit.

Retnas turn.

Some stupid ass kid who apparently watches to much jackass saw us playing with the chair. He decided it would be awesome if we turned it up and shocked the hell out of him. So thats exactly what we did. Kids gotta learn there lessons some how right? He learned his the hard way.

On our way back to Brooklyn, we ran into these young lads. Talk about talent, or should i say balls. You try doing back flips and shit in the subway. Last time i checked that floor is no tumble mat. What did you do with your life today?

So this is farewell New York. We will see you soon. Thanks for all the gems. We hope we weren't to much of a menace while we stayed. On that note lets get some parting music.
Hit it Ricky.

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