Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New haven Day 10

Schooling Yale

Welcome to New Haven. The only thing here is Yale. Sound like a good time? I guess, if you are into ugly argyle sweaters and penny loafers you will have a blast. Actually its not that bad. There is a big skateboard scene and Channel 1 is a really awesome shop.

Dave signing a print for a fan.

Some dude's dad came to take a photo of Dave for his son. I wonder what my dad would say if asked him to do that....

Say "cheese!"

Dave was in high demand in New Haven. This dude did a interview for a local boys & girls club. He also said he was gonna finish the rest of the tour with us. He didn't though. Don't they teach the kids here to stick to there word?

The next best thing to come out of skateboarding. Think I'm kidding? I'm not.

Just in case you need some tips, we got some for you:
Tip No. 1. Don't be an artist
Tip No. 2. Be a doctor or lawyer.
Tip No. 3. Hip hop is going through its Hair Metal phase.

The night event was across the street at Cafe 9. Yes, here is yet another photo of them painting. I think from now on I wont shoot any more like this.

Retna is super photogenic. Lucky for me.

Blitz the Ambassador played. If you don't know who he is, and you like hip hop, I suggest you check him out. He will take you home. Inside joke. You might get it if you listen to his music.

Well, that sums up New Haven. It was fun as usual. But tomorrow is a new day, and its off to Burlington, Vermont for us. So before we leave I want to share this photo with you.
This dude was the best. The only person I have ever met that held a empty pint glass up to his ear to get better acoustics. Maybe he's onto something. Try it out next time you're at a show. I bet you won't, 'cause you are scared. It does work though...

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