Sunday, October 7, 2007

Graffiti Art Goodness

Peep Magda Danysz in Paris where an epic group show "Game Over" will run from October 18th to November 17th. It should be a memorable salute to graffiti art as an extraordinary means of communication. It is in realizing its contemporary relevance that Magda Gallery has rounded up a diverse roster of reputable artists - hailing from NYC, Brazil, or France. This gallery takes an activist stance around street art as a real artistic movement and probably the last of the twentieth century. Maya Hayuk, who just had a solo show with us, will be there in Paris, along with Jay, Jonone, Nunca, José Parla, Psy, West, and many others.

Maya, the sexy bombshell with "Our Wall Could Be Your Life" on Fecal Face's Arthead/ 40 feet - infinity / salvaged latex wall paint, big fat cheap brushes, some rollers.

José Parla

West we like your T-shirt

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