Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dirty Jersey day 6

Jerseys Little Dolomite

Welcome to Jersey. So we got to our hotel in clifton around 9:00pm. Our hotel was the grossest place i have ever been in my life.
We would rather of slept in the van, but we decided to bare with it. Our room smelt like a 90 yr old woman died 15 yrs ago, with 20 cats in there eating her and peeing all over the place. To top it off, it had the sent of about 700,000 cigarettes smoked in the room. Yummmmmm.

So morning came, we were all dehydrated from dry heaving all night from the smell. We got breakfast and headed over to Division East. The shop was super nice, and everyone who worked there was cool as hell. Even had their own mascot, Dolomite.

A little dj action.

The start of the dolomite mural. To bad the dog was blind and couldn't see what his portrait looked like.

Dave getting up in it.

A little tag team action.

Dave and Retna posing with little dolo him self. Look out for the red rocket.

The night event was at the Diva Lounge. Dress code strictly enforced. You couldn't guess by the name?

Sign up.

Finishing it up on the floor.

Thanks Jersey, you were cool. Just make sure to clean your hotel rooms up, maybe then you will loose the name Dirty Jersey.
Look out NYC we are coming for you. Full speed ahead. See you soon.

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