Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The Crew takes D.C.

So we finally finished up our duties in Baltimore. Before we headed to Philly, we made a little pit stop in our nation's capital.
Im not sure how to put the city into words. Its like some one took a giant shit on a diamond. Capital Hill is the diamond, and the shit is everything thing else surrounding it.

Wow, If you are ever in D.C. go see the Washington Monument at night. It looks like a giant Klansman with glowing red eyes. Guess we know who was behind the erection of that monument...

Saber found something fishy going on while we were there.

Checking out the Capitol.

So we found out that the Dalai Lama was giving a speech at the Capitol. We waited till he went in a porta-potty, then pushed it over so he couldn't get out. Then Saber, Dave, and Retna gave a speech in his absence.

Dave posted up.

Our last stop of the day was the Lincoln Memorial. You know that shit is built to scale, right?

And so it's back on the road for us. Philly is in our sights, kinda like Lincoln was in the sights of John Wilkes Booth. Hopefully we can make it in one shot too.

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