Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Brooklyn Zoo Day 7

Retna speaks his mind

Sorry about the weak ass post yesterday. But hopefully it was a nice warm up to the big apple for you. It was for us. The day event was so far from the night event that we pretty much got a full tour of the whole city. Today we spend the whole day in Brooklyn.

First stop, Lawannas. Which happens to be on Bedford ave. If you dont know it, here is a little tutorial. Bedford is in Willamsburgh which happens to be hipster central. More hair do’s and ugly vintage clothes than one person can deal with. So much that i had to have a long exposer taking photos so it wouldn't be a distraction.
Retna starting things off for the day.

Dave’s brother came through. He is cool as hell. If you ever need a good place to eat ask him first cause he took us to some god damn awesome spots. Thanks Paul.

Dave and Paul posting up out side Lawannas.

In case you didn't know Saber is the man.

Dave adding his special touch.

There are enough sneakers hanging on power lines in ny to open a shoe store. Some one decided to try something new.

Dave let me shoot a portrait of him. Thanks Dave.

So did Retna. Thanks Retna.

Ever hear that Wu Tang song ice cream? I think this photo sums it up.

The night event was at Sputnik. The bar was cool, it was near pratt so you can imagine that most people there were students.




Thats it kids. Thanks NYC for letting us come and leave our mark on this over populated city. Tomorrow is a day off. Check out our little excursion in the city before going to New Haven Connecticut. Dont for get to have your parents sign the field trip paper work.

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