Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bodymore Murderland Day 2

Dave warms up his skills at the Baltimore Utrecht while Saber and Retna spend a fortune on paint.

We all made it out of the haunted hotel we were staying at, though I did see some creepy shit lurking outside our window. I couldn't tell if it was a ghost or some Belgian tourist trying to catch a peep. Probably the latter.

This was on the wall at the church across from the hotel. Each one of the little ribbons hung up was a prayer that Dave Choe, Saber, and Retna would come to Baltimore and paint. The people asked, and God delivered. See kids, you should start praying more. You might get what you ask for. Santa isn't the only long-haired bearded dude to deliver a gift.

Dave and Retna painting in the dark at Chaos.

MICA is an art school in Baltimore. It stands for "Many Insecure Crappy Artists." Just kidding, I had to say it. A handful of their students came out to the events that day. Peggy was lucky enough to get the best drawing ever from Choe.

After the event at Chaos we had to go to Home Depot to get spray paint. Dave had other ideas. Like taking a dip in the display bathtub. It happens.

The night event at Sonar went pretty well. Its was dark though, and I'm sick of using a flash. So here is what it looks like without out it.

Saber is balling out on this tour. Signing bills and making it rain on these bitches.

That's it for Baltimore. It's been fun, but it's time to say goodbye. It's off to Philly for us.

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