Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Adam Wallacavage is someone special

Here's our friend Adam Wallacavage . He is self-proclaimed inventor of the camera thingamabob, space1026, and fish. Here, he muses on some daily facts of life.

"This chandelier was sold to my good friend, jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino, for the entrance of her new factory in downtown Los Angeles. Being it is for Tarina, I thought I would spruce it up a bit by painting it a more vibrant shade of pink." This was soon snatched up and sold by the Johnathan LeVine Gallery in NYC, titled as "Fenicologia."

The next chandelier, which also sold to LeVine, Adam decided to paint green...

..."word of the finished chandelier spread fast and attracted the attention of the Aqua Bats who were in town playing at the Trocadero Theatre."

Stand amazed in spandex by his extraordinary talent. Seriously, who knew such fun could come from painting some chandeliers?
We like, very niiiice.

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other than the aquabats...ska sucks