Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New haven Day 10

Schooling Yale

Welcome to New Haven. The only thing here is Yale. Sound like a good time? I guess, if you are into ugly argyle sweaters and penny loafers you will have a blast. Actually its not that bad. There is a big skateboard scene and Channel 1 is a really awesome shop.

Dave signing a print for a fan.

Some dude's dad came to take a photo of Dave for his son. I wonder what my dad would say if asked him to do that....

Say "cheese!"

Dave was in high demand in New Haven. This dude did a interview for a local boys & girls club. He also said he was gonna finish the rest of the tour with us. He didn't though. Don't they teach the kids here to stick to there word?

The next best thing to come out of skateboarding. Think I'm kidding? I'm not.

Just in case you need some tips, we got some for you:
Tip No. 1. Don't be an artist
Tip No. 2. Be a doctor or lawyer.
Tip No. 3. Hip hop is going through its Hair Metal phase.

The night event was across the street at Cafe 9. Yes, here is yet another photo of them painting. I think from now on I wont shoot any more like this.

Retna is super photogenic. Lucky for me.

Blitz the Ambassador played. If you don't know who he is, and you like hip hop, I suggest you check him out. He will take you home. Inside joke. You might get it if you listen to his music.

Well, that sums up New Haven. It was fun as usual. But tomorrow is a new day, and its off to Burlington, Vermont for us. So before we leave I want to share this photo with you.
This dude was the best. The only person I have ever met that held a empty pint glass up to his ear to get better acoustics. Maybe he's onto something. Try it out next time you're at a show. I bet you won't, 'cause you are scared. It does work though...

Catch Up With Mr. J. Fish on His Roman Holiday

Jeremy Fish is currently in Rome for his art show, "Rome-antic Delusions". You can follow his adventures here.

Upper Playground and Fifty24SF Add Bandanas to Fall 2007 Collection

Just added to the Upper Playground and Fifty24SF Fall 2007 collections are a series of artist-designed bandanas. Featured artists include Alex Pardee, Jeremy Fish for SuperFishal, and Sam Flores for Twelve Grain. The bandanas retail for $10 each and are available at

Soon to Come: Miss Van's Solo Show at Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris

The lovely Miss Van will be having a solo show in Paris in November at the Galerie Magda Danysz. The show will run from November 24th - December 29th and is touted to be her biggest show of the year. We're looking forward to working with her next year when she shows in December 2008 with Jeremy Fish at Fifty24SF Gallery. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Preview The Date Farmers and San Getting Ready For Their Opening Shows at Fifty24SF

Fifty24SF Gallery is pleased to present The Date Farmers and San whose openings will be held this Thursday, November 1st from 7-9:30. This will be the first US exhibition by Spanish artist, San, who has had many successful shows in Europe and is known for his immaculate paintings and illustrations, with their detailed and elegant complexity. The Date Farmers have produced a beautiful array of work for this show which will include colorful mixed media and collage on corrugated and sheet metal that deserves to be seen in person. The opening of their show will also coincide with the release of their new, 96-page book entitled, "Super Locos". Not to be missed!

New York Day 9

On the road again

Ahhhhhh a day off and well deserved for all i might add. We decided to spend it roaming around Manhattan before we left for New Haven Connecticut. Cause where would you rather hang out? Manhattan or Yale? Thats what i thought. So feel free to tag along.

Retna posting up in the subway station. Check the swagger.

Dave waiting for the train. Which means all of us were too.

Man I always knew dave was a genius, but after he shared what he was watching on the train, i came..... to the conclusion that he really is.

Old people and technology, like oil and water. Dosent she look like Smeagol from lord of the rings? My precious... Save the nerd jokes, cause if you know what im talking about then we are on the same playing field. Nerds!

Just thought i would show you how a real man blogs. You can keep all your cables, gig a bites, hard drives, and inter-web crap to yourself. Call me old fashion, i call you a rookie.

We found this old electric chair for sale at this creepy antique store. I insisted that Dave and Retna take it for a test drive.
I also neglected to tell them that it was plugged in. Luckily i only set it on shocker. Cant kill the talent, i could loose my job for that shit.

Retnas turn.

Some stupid ass kid who apparently watches to much jackass saw us playing with the chair. He decided it would be awesome if we turned it up and shocked the hell out of him. So thats exactly what we did. Kids gotta learn there lessons some how right? He learned his the hard way.

On our way back to Brooklyn, we ran into these young lads. Talk about talent, or should i say balls. You try doing back flips and shit in the subway. Last time i checked that floor is no tumble mat. What did you do with your life today?

So this is farewell New York. We will see you soon. Thanks for all the gems. We hope we weren't to much of a menace while we stayed. On that note lets get some parting music.
Hit it Ricky.

New Photos by JR

Photographer, JR, sent us these recent shots he took in South Sudan. See more at JR-ART.NET.

Takashi Murakami Retrospective at Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Some 90 works by contemporary artist, Takashi Murakami, are on display at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA exhibition which opened October 29th. The stunning array of work for this show spans more than a decade and multiple mediums from sculpture to painting to Louis Vuitton handbags. That's right. Check out these photos courtesy of Jamie O'Shea and the Blog.

Brooklyn Zoo Day 7

Retna speaks his mind

Sorry about the weak ass post yesterday. But hopefully it was a nice warm up to the big apple for you. It was for us. The day event was so far from the night event that we pretty much got a full tour of the whole city. Today we spend the whole day in Brooklyn.

First stop, Lawannas. Which happens to be on Bedford ave. If you dont know it, here is a little tutorial. Bedford is in Willamsburgh which happens to be hipster central. More hair do’s and ugly vintage clothes than one person can deal with. So much that i had to have a long exposer taking photos so it wouldn't be a distraction.
Retna starting things off for the day.

Dave’s brother came through. He is cool as hell. If you ever need a good place to eat ask him first cause he took us to some god damn awesome spots. Thanks Paul.

Dave and Paul posting up out side Lawannas.

In case you didn't know Saber is the man.

Dave adding his special touch.

There are enough sneakers hanging on power lines in ny to open a shoe store. Some one decided to try something new.

Dave let me shoot a portrait of him. Thanks Dave.

So did Retna. Thanks Retna.

Ever hear that Wu Tang song ice cream? I think this photo sums it up.

The night event was at Sputnik. The bar was cool, it was near pratt so you can imagine that most people there were students.




Thats it kids. Thanks NYC for letting us come and leave our mark on this over populated city. Tomorrow is a day off. Check out our little excursion in the city before going to New Haven Connecticut. Dont for get to have your parents sign the field trip paper work.