Thursday, September 6, 2007

Greatest Hits: 11 Questions with Todd Bratrud

1) Is their life on other planets?

uh, yeah. there was even a sitcom about it... ALF.

2) What planet specifically would you like to visit?

specifically? Amazonia. A planet inhabited by giant female warriors, ruled by a giant "Femputer". The surface is covered in tropical rainforests, as well as many lakes and some visible meteor craters. The Amazonians are fond of basketball, and make up for their inability to dunk with their good fundamentals. Most men who land on Amazonia are almost immediately condemned to death by snu-snu, where they are subject to repeated bouts of sex with the Amazonians until their pelvises are crushed. Unbeknownst to the Amazonians, this is the way in which most men would prefer to die.

3) What did you draw yesterday?

newts and salamanders, thats not all, but its all that really mattered.

4) What word do you overuse?

dont really talk in the first place.

5) Modest Mouse in 1998, Danger Mouse in 2006, or Mighty Mouse in 1955?

Mighty Mouse in 1987 when he snorted cocaine

6) Have you ever swam at the beach in front of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk?

Cowells Beach?! just a few weeks back, 3rd bouy baby!

7) Do you ever draw "pastoral" scenes of shepards as opposed to
graphic blood graphics?

are they not one in the same?

8) Favorite artist of all time?

Devon Green

9) When you come to San Francisco next month, the first thing you will
do is . . . ?

eat anti-anxiety pills... LOTS of them.

10) When was the last time you voted on something, and what was it for?

i think it was in 1985 at "Satan's Helpers", i voted that we stomp him, then we tattoo him, then we hang him and then we kill him!

11) Puke Blood... Forever?

forever-ever. its a way of life at this point.

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