Saturday, September 8, 2007

Flicks from Todd Bratrud and Maya Hayuk's opening at Fifty24SF

Todd Bratrud's show, "Half Assed", and Maya Hayuk's show, "Forevers", opened on Thursday, September 8th. Both shows had an amazing turnout of media, collectors, old friends, Upper Playground regulars, and "First Thursday" gallery-goers.

Maya Hayuk's show consisted of ink and gouache works on wood and paper, mixed media pieces, collaborative collage, some amazing ink and gouache illustrations on these long paper scrolls, and the release of her new book, "Just Good Vibes".

Todd Bratrud is showing a hefty collection of small paintings and illustrations, some of which are the original, working sketches used for many of his professional designs. There's also the piece entitled "Skull Fuck" that has never been shown by a gallery before. See the pic of her below.

Both shows run through the month of September. Come check 'em out!

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