Friday, September 21, 2007

Day 13: Drums and Paint

While in Portland for the Sparks "Ignite What's Next" art tour, Dave Choe and Saber stopped by the offices of Wieden + Kennedy for an impromptu painting session. Dave Choe has worked with the reputable ad agency in the past and they were kind enough to pick up a drum kit for him to use on his visit. The artists are making their way to Seattle for the last stop on the West Coast portion of the Sparks "Ignite What's Next" art tour. After that, they can look forward to a few weeks off before the East Coast leg of the tour which starts in mid-October. Check back soon for dates and locations!

Photos by Jon Dragonette. Video by Michael Langan.

Tour photographer/ninja, Jon Dragonette, hits his mark

Saber's arm pieces

Working hands

Dave Choe plays a little ditty on a plastic guitar

Band of one

Choe's drum solo

The piece at Wieden + Kennedy

Saber paints to the tune of Choe's drums


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nancy said...

Please send me the dates of your East Coast tour! Gotta see this!