Friday, September 28, 2007

Upper Playground Announces the Release of Four New Era Hats for Fall

Check out the four New Era hats that were just released for Upper Playground in association with Fifty24SF. There are designs by Jeremy Fish, Dalek, Brian Flynn, and Dora Drimalas whose art show "Creature Comforts" opens at the Fifty24SF Gallery Thursday, October 4th. Hats retail for $40 and are available at

I'm Trying to Help with Aesop Rock Pt. 1

Drink it in: New line of Mugs available at Upper Playground

Upper Playground introduces a new line of artist-designed coffee mugs - or tea if that's how you roll - for its Fall 2007 collection. The featured artists include Grotesk, Sam Flores, and Jeremy Fish. The mugs will retail for $20, the clear glass pints for $15, and the coffee and tea mugs for $12. They are all available by visiting the Upper Playground online store here.

Blu in Sao Paulo

Here's some amazing work by muralist, Blu, from a recent trip of his to Sao Paulo, Brazil. He never ceases to amaze. You can see more of his work on his website at

This day in history, September 28

On September 28, 1836, British inventor Thomas Crapper was born/baptized. Thomas Crapper did not invent the flush toilet — credit for that is usually given to Sir John Harington in 1596, with Alexander Cummings' 1775 toilet regarded as the first of the modern line and George Jennings installing the first public toilets at The Great Exhibition in 1851 — but he did help increase its popularity. So, when you say "crapper" to someone, you got some historical precedent with that shit.

Ricky Powell-Greatest Hits

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dance Dance Revolution 2007

Apparently, there is some fun going on in Mesopotamia.

Upper Playground Glassware Now Available

Upper Playground has just released a series of pint glasses adding to the collection of housewares available for Fall 07. The series includes designs by artists Basco, Dora Drimalas and Jeremy Fish for Upper Playground available by visiting the Upper Playgroundwebsite and a design by Sam Flores which you can get here.

Barry White - conductor extraordinaire

I'm not quite sure what's going on here, but Barry White is feelin' that conductor's stick.

11 Questions with . . . . Munk One

1) Did you ever wish as a child that you would end up being an astronaut?

I don't think so, I did think a submarine captain or a archaeologist like Indiana Jones looked fun.

2) Favorite movie scene of all time?

The Salma Hayek scene in "From Dusk till Dawn" where she does her dance routine and pours champagne down her leg and yeah....

3) Have you ever been confused for a monk? How bout a Padre?

Not really, but people who I haven't met me before seem to expect me to be Asian or wearing a robe with a shaved head.

4) Favorite contemporary artist?

They are all amazing, though I do very much like Mark Ryden's art.

5) When people ask what you do, what is the best response?

I work from home creating artwork for bands, clothing lines, I draw, paint, tattoo, do computer art and more, but that takes too long to say so when I feel lazy I just tell them I'm an artist.

6) If you had the choice, would you shop at Sears, Kohl's, or Target?

I don't shop at Kohl's or Sears. You can find me at Target once in a while buying the odd house supply or furnishing and my 3 year old likes their clothes.

7) What word do you most overuse?

"Yeah" and "alot" are pretty evenly tied, even though I know alot is not a word.

8) Would you let the Iranian president speak at your college?

I'm all for freedom of speech, especially for democratically elected officials from other countries. So yes I would allow him to speak since many Americans don't seem to really know much about Iran in the first place.

9) Have you ever messed up a tattoo on purpose?

No way, I don't think I could do that to a person trusting me to do a good job.

10) Do you know Fred Durst, and if you do, what is a really nice way to describe him?

HA HA, I've only met him once and he didn't live up to all the terrible stories I had heard about him, so that's my description.

11) What's up in the 530 . . . .

I've been drinking too much coffee and eating too much pizza lately. Other than that just keeping busy as usual, working on artwork for bands, trying to get a clothing line going and getting paintings ready for more shows of course!

Sam Flores Beanie in "Dirty"

Check out this scene from the 2005, crooked cop film, "Dirty", starring Cuba Gooding Jr. One of the characters can be seen wearing a Sam Flores beanie.

Alexone in Grenoble

James Brown x Pavarotti


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Richard Colman on FecalFace

I found the interview with Richard Colman on to be informative and interesting, and you will too.

Don't Miss Boogie at Higher Pictures

Serbian-born, self-taught photographer, Boogie, has a show up at Higher Pictures in NYC that shouldn't be missed. His photographs confront the honesty of urban living: drugs, prostitution, and poverty. He photographs without judgement and without searching for philosophical truths, instead managing to convey a sense of intimacy between subject and audience. See examples of his work at

JR in Johannesburg

JR sent us these photos from a recent trip to Johannesburg. He'll be having a show in Berlin on the 28th. The opening is at 6pm at Raum 210: Friedrichstra├če 210 (Ecke Kochstra├če) D-10969 Berlin. For more info and photos visit HTTP://JR-ART.NET

Soweto, Kliptown

Market of Soweto

Pasting in Kliptown ghetto photos taken day before (action photo by M.Nink)

EYES instalation for Alastair Siddons Films - Partizan + BC1

Europeans Only (old power station in Soweto)

Recent Work by Koralie

French artist, Koralie, sent us these pics from a recent show she had at Galerie L.J. Beaubourg/Paris entitled, "Jardin Public - Jardin Secret". Her work ranges from commercial art to street art to fine art. The likeability of her pieces come from how simple and well-crafted they are. Even though she utilizes distinctly feminine elements such as her signature Japanese Geisha figures, Holly Hobby-type details, and soft color palate, her work manages to avoid coming across as overly cutesy. She has shown in France for the most part but will be having a show with us at Fifty24SF in 2008 so check back for details on that. Visit her website to see more of her work.

"Wilting Wonder" Opens Sept. 29th at The Lab101

Artists Mike Aho, Mel Kadel, Travis Millard, and Michael Sieben will be having a show at the The Lab101 Gallery in Culver City, CA. The opening reception for "Wilting Wonder" will be Saturday, September 29th from 7-10pm and limited edition prints will be available by each of the artists. For more info visit The Lab101 sitehere.

Top Ten Coffee Shops in Amsterdam . . .

. . . . because you know you want to know . . .

Doze @ RX Gallery

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Secrets of the Frenchman

Fifty24SF contributer, Guillaume, started his own blog called Secrets of the Frenchman. With insider info on French culture that's cleverly written, it's pretty much guaranteed to make you more interesting. C'est bon!

Upper Playground baby

Dopest newborn around.

Upper Playground SF features clothes for children to keep them babies lookin' good from infancy on up.

Love, Italian Style

Louis Prima. What a turn on.

Toys Kill at Meltdown Comics

Justice Howard and Jim Koch will be showing at the Melt Gallery at Meltdown Comics, 7522 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. A limited print set by Justice Howard will be available and Jim Koch will be debuting his new designer toy, The Gosha Doll by SRT.
The show opens October 6th with an artists reception from 7-10pm. The show will run from Oct. 6th - Oct. 31st. Check out their websitefor more info.

The Website of the Future.

From Porous Walker, It seems about right.

Classic Rappin with the Rickster

Sam Flores' Signing for Billy Bronze Mini-Figure

There was an impressive turnout of Sam's fans to the Upper Playground store for personalized signings from who else but the genius himself. He signed Billy Bronze and just about everything else too: the book and prints
the hoodies, the T's

mugs and even some lucky kid's cast. Poor Sam had a very tired arm but by the end of the day, he made lots of people very happy. You can get your own Billy Bronze right der. Do it to it.

The new figure is a "book edition" that comes packaged in a blister card and features the colors of the recent Sam Flores book by Upper Playground. The figure measures 3 inches tall and retails for $10.

Cadbury x Gorilla x Phil Collins

I'm not even going to try and understand this, except that I know I want chocolate now. . . .

Monday, September 24, 2007

You should see this: Ask Esoteric on Pterovision

Check him out sporting UP gear on his Youtube video. He answers his fans about what is up with Crocs. He demonstrates his kitty 'Fox' doing stretches. There are shots of him and his best friend frolicking, and he does a little how-to on dressing like cobra commander. Looking fresh all the while too. I mean seriously, it is hilARRRious.

October Juxtapoz

Just saw the new Juxtapoz . . . a very nice cover/interview with Michael Sieben is the main feature. They also have stories on AJ Fosik, Kenzo Minami, Mear One, Gajin Fujita, and Anthony Lister. . . .

Brent Rollins, Parra, and Grotesk @ the Bike Show

Rollins, Parra, and Grotesk (who has shirts out with Upper Playground this fall) were three of seven artists personally invited to finalize
specialty bikes with their own designs. Bike guru Tobias Adolfsson says it goes like this: “I mix and match from my personal back catalogue of memories and the urban culture around us... People with fond memories of their childhood BMX riding around the block, listening to hip hop and watching ET, might know what I mean when riding the Sson 003.” The Bike Show opens this Friday at HVW8 Gallery in LA.

Greetings from the Loin

Our boy Mike Giant has a show in Philly with Art Syndicate this Friday. Here's his piece featured for their promotion, Happy Phone. So to all of you in the 215, please check out the Loin. Yeahyuh.

Dust La Rock is UP

Dust La Rock aka Joshua Prince, just launched a gorgeous site so take a moment to enjoy the culmination of his "oldies but goodies", ongoing projects and those UPcoming T-shirts for us in the future. He's hooked up design work for just about everyone including Urban Decay, RE:UP Magazine, XLR8R, and serves as art director for Fool's Gold Records:
Very nice.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Todd Bratrud, “Little Chair™”, and Half Assed

Todd blogs about his show with us for The Skateboard Mag. It's the little things that make his blog great, but more than anything, it's his witty kick-assed-ness. We had such a good time with him and his crew while they were here. If you didn't get a chance to see his work, there's less than a week left to stop by the gallery. You can also visit the Fifty24SF website to view what's at the show.

Kyle we like your 'stache