Thursday, August 23, 2007

Help Klutch out!

Klutch is recouperating from a heart attack he suffered on June 30th and to help with the $35,000 he owes in medical bills, he's putting this print of his up for sale. It's available at and will retail at $70. Originally posted on the Wooster Collective site, here's what Klutch has to say about the print:
"Back in April I did a benefit art show for my friend, Nick Bittakis from Diesel Fuel Prints, who had shattered his kneecap while skating at Burnside. He was touched by the gesture and to show his appreciation he did an art print for me. It came just in time, on June30th I suffered a heart attack and the next day I had surgery to unblock 3 arteries. I was very lucky and am now on the path to recovery, but I also now have $35,000 in hospital bills and no insurance. The proceeds from this print will help me pay rent and eat while I get my strength back."

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