Thursday, August 16, 2007

Guest blogger, Aesop Rock, shares some images and words

We asked Aesop Rock to tell us what he's been working on lately. He sent us these pics from the video shoot for his song, "Coffee", and wrote up a blog for us as well. Here it is:

People of earth,

Just got back from L.A. where we shot a video for the song "Coffee" off my upcoming record, "None Shall Pass", due out August 28th, 2007. This will be the 2nd video, to follow up the animated video for the title track, which was made by Jeremy Fish in collaboration with Ordinary Kids.

The song "Coffee" was produced by Blockhead, and features guest vocals by John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats. It also has the lovely scratching of DJ Big Wiz. We all went to L.A. together and were blown away by what we experienced. It was directed by Ace Norton (if you dont know please check him) and holy christ this guy went above and beyond. the video has a horror movie/evil dead/zombie theme, and is chock full of monsters, zombies, vampires, children with weapons, hot chicks, smoke, blood, gore, fire, etc. Really insane. My good friend, photographer Chrissy Piper, was on hand for the first of two days to shoot a ton of behind the scenes flicks. This stuff doesn't even go into day two (where Wiz gets his brain eaten out of his head by a child and Blockhead gets his guts ripped thru his tummy by werewolves, among other things), but nevertheless you'll see where we're coming from with this one. Chrissy sent me like 250 pics so i'm just gonna randomly pick some. I'm sure more will be available soon. These 20 by no means show everything that went on.

All photos by Chrissy Piper.

Blockhead with some severed limbs

Me and Block before massive food fight ensues

She had a crush on Wiz. He wasnt into it.

A beautiful princess that happened to be walking by

Monster guy. This guy was awesome.

Me and some weapon-wielding children

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