Thursday, August 2, 2007

Greatest Hits: 11 Questions with N8 Van Dyke

As tonight is N8's opening at FIFTY24SF, here is an old 11 Questions with the artist.... (I know, the Transformer thing is a little dated now.)

1) Are you excited about Transformers the movie ?

I don't care for some of the character redesigns, but I'll check it when the crowds die down.

2) How often do you go to the zoo ?

Not nearly often enough. Once a year.

3) Favorite artist of all-time ?

Frank Frazetta

4) The best thing you have bought in the past year ?

A vacation to Kauai.

5) When did you start drawing the ape/chimp?

Started that about 7 years ago and people just latched onto it.

6) Favorite kind of cereal ?


7) Black and white or color ?


8) If you were not drawing things, what would you be doing ?

Huffing gasoline... the cheapest grade.

9) Favorite animated character ?

Old school Warner Brothers... all of 'em.

10 ) Where do you live and are you going to move?

I live in San Francisco and I JUST moved into a new place two months also in SF.

11) Is there was already a Plan A, what's Plan B ?

Plan B would be the gasoline I just mentioned... it's art or nothing.

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