Thursday, August 30, 2007

11 Questions with Maya Hayuk

1) White meat or dark meat?

Raw meat

2) Gravy or no gravy?


3) If you could collaborate with any artist or on any project, who and what would it be?

I'd want to design a self-sustaining, environmentally awesome human habitat with Buckminster Fuller and/ or Bruno Taut and invite a bunch of artists who would create site specific works (I'd want to learn to make glass windows), then we would all live there. Oh, and there would totally be a hot tub.

4) Give us your favorite Ukrainian insult?

Can't think of a good Ukie one off hand, but in Slavic there's "papushi mi kurez" which means "smoke my dick" and it's used by all genders.

5) What do you call your grandma?


6) Hockey, curling, or hunting?

Frisbee, hacky sack and pong

7) Thomas Kinkade: goon or genius?

8) Would you wear a Prefuse 73 tee shirt to a Prefuse 73 concert?

Only if it was tie dyed and the graphics were lit up with LCD's

9) Have you ever experienced a Ukrainian winter?

Not all the way thru, but I have been over there for a few weeks at a time, usually during winter. And a lot of people in the villages have small wood-burning saunas in sheds where they hang out, flail themselves with oak branches then roll around in the snow, their bellies filled with pig lard and vodka. It kind of rules.

10) Have you ever posed as someone else to get something for free?

Does a fake home-made on a Xerox machine and laminated press pass that got me into shows when I was underage count?

11) What word do you most overuse?


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