Friday, August 10, 2007

11 Questions with Dora Drimalas

1) Is Lebron James' name fun to design in differnent ways?

I'm not sure. It think Brian did a good job with it though.

2) Do you send vacation pictures in group emails to your friends?

I hate pictures of myself so I send pictures of other people.

3) What kind of artist are you?

One that focuses on the message rather than the medium.

4) What is your favorite toy of all-time?

Fisher Price Barn with Cow sound on the door. So awesome (see question 6). I like wooden blocks too. I think I used to chew on them.

5) If you had a Jam album and a Public Enemy album in your hand, which one do you buy?

Public Enemy.

6) What word you most overuse?


7) Are you an Abe Lincoln kind of American, or a George Washington kind of American?

I would say Abe. Much more interesting than George.

8) If you were to start a band, what would you call it?


9) What project at Hybrid Design are you most proud of?

It would be hard to pick one, but a few that stand out are working on the 2004 Olympics in Athens for Nike, redesigning Juxtapoz, and all the work that we do for our sub-brand Super7. Lots of posters, tees and toy projects for good creative outlets.

10) Would you ever consider starting a Revolution?

The capital R means that it is going to be a really good, infamous Revolution. Sure. I would start a revolution to bring back old technology. eight track tapes, reel to reel... anything 'State of the Art' is ok with me.

11) Portland, or SF?

Completely, without a doubt - SF.

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