Friday, August 3, 2007

11 Questions with Boogie

1) What is the scariest place you've ended up when taken photos?
A crack house in bushwick

2) How often do you get back to Belgrade?
I usually go twice a year. my mom lives there, my friends too

3) When you were a kid, what photographers did you admire?
I wasn't into photography when I was a kid, I didn't know any
photographers. later I saw works of eugene richards, antonin
kratochvil, and was blown away

4) What are the similarities between Brooklyn and Sao Paulo?

5) Best movie you have seen recently?
I saw 7 SAMURAI the other day, by Kurosawa

6) The best photograph you have ever seen?
ugh, the tough one. I'm into daido Moriyama's work lately - some
photos from his FAREWELL PHOTOGRAPHY book are out of this world

7) Do you ever shoot color film?
sure, when clients want me to

8) Are the Nets moving to Brooklyn a good thing?
no idea, I don't even know the rules of baseball - we don't do it
in Belgrade

9) Nas or Jay Z?
Jay-Z - ultra fast mind

10) Where on earth do you want to shoot next?
Former Russian republics or China

11) If you weren't named Boogie, you would be . . .. ?

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