Monday, August 6, 2007

10 Questions with Swindle Editor Roger Gastman

1) Best graffiti artist, the world over is?


2) In your opinion, did we need a Simpsons movie?

I havnt seen it yet, but I cant hurt. We didn't need a new TMNT movie. How
you gonna compete with one that have Vanilla Ice in it?

3) On any given day, who do you speak to the most?

Mumbling to myself.

4) Swindle is. . . .?

A magazine that all of you should be buying, and all of you advertisers
should be placing media in cuz it will make you cool.

5) What word do you most overuse?

None that would be appropriate to share here with children.

6) Do you read any other magazines besides your own?

US weekly. Swear by it.

7) What book do you want to publish next?

I'm working on my book of food, but that is a few years out. Look for 3 more
titles from me this fall, from LA punk rock in the 70s to worldwide street

8) Are you a Seinfeld guy or an Arrested Development guy ?

I never liked Seinfeld much. I like Arrested Development. That shit is

9) What's your opinion of the West Coast Offense?

Who am I offending?

10) The next big thing is ?

If I told you how would I get in on it first? But trends on the rise are:
brownie sundaes with no whip cream with extra ice cream, and chocolate chip

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