Wednesday, August 8, 2007

10 Questions with Brian Flynn

We play 10 Questions with Hybrid Design principle and Upper Playground contributing artist, Brian Flynn.

1) Is Lebron James' name fun to design in differnent ways?

It can be a lot of fun if you want it to be, we were real close to
hiding the number 23 in this version, but it just made it too hard to

2) Do you send vacation pictures in group emails to your friends?

No, I always forget to take pictures when something cool is
happening. My memoirs will be all text. I often wonder about people
who have very comprehensive photo histories of themselves -is it a
bit odd, or very smart?

3) What kind of artist are you?

part-time at best.

4) What is your favorite toy of all-time?

Toss up between a Kenner Star Wars Luke Skywalker with the slide out
saber (my first favorite toy as a kid) and the Bandai 10" removeable
mask Inazuman (which got me started down the vintage Japanese toy
angle in a hardcore way). Both are insane toys and sentimental at the
same time for different times in my life.

5) If you had a Jam album and a Public Enemy album in your hand, which
one do you buy?

Public Enemy "It takes a Nation of Millions to hold us back". Mind
blowing record, I have it on tape with Slayer's Reign in Blood on the
backside. I wore that tape out. Now, if it was a punk record I would
have a much harder time choosing, but U.K. ska I can enjoy from a
distance. I am only a connoseuir of fine hip-hop, not a regular diner.

6) What word you most overuse?

Like and you know. Like, You know? and Fuck, I really gotta slow that
one down, but it is such a good word.

7) Are you an Abe Lincoln kind of American, or a George Washington kind of American?

I think Abe I suppose, I have no idea what that really means, but he
seems a lot more relevant and real, while George seems almost to be a
fictional character and idealized in a way that he has no flaws left.
Abe was at least had inner turmoil.

8) If you were to start a band, what would you call it?

I have a million band names. The one I always meant to do was 30
second grind-core/hardcore called "Heartbreak" with unintelligible
vocals of the most sappy love songs ever. It would have been
hilarious and rock at the same time. We were going to huge in the
Czech Republic and South America.

9) What project at Hybrid Design are you most proud of?

Usually the newest one, but I guess the project I am most proud of is
the studio itself. I managed to pull it off, how about that?

10) Would you ever consider starting a Revolution? The capital R means
that it is going to be a really good, infamous Revolution.

I already was an Ally of the R:Evolution, so I can cross this one off
the list. We were sexy, you should have seen us.

11) Texas, Portland, or SF?

SF, that is why I am here. I still love Portkand and Texas, they were
the roads that brought me here, and I enjoy going back, but the point
is to go forward, not backwards.

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