Friday, August 31, 2007

Ericailcane and Blu collaborate for exhibition at Lazarides Gallery, London

Super Fluo opened recently at the Lazarides Gallery in the Soho district of London. The show features a collaboration between Ericailcane and Blu. If you aren't familiar with their work, check out these photos of some of their collaborative works. Photos are courtesy of the Lazarides Gallery website where you can also find out more about their exhibit. Ericailcane is a multi-talented artist who works in a variety of mediums such as painting, installation, and sculpture. Blu is a muralist whose large-scale works tend to transform the walls of otherwise decayed structures.

Update from Logan Hicks

Stencil artist extrordinaire, Logan Hicks, updated us about projects he's currently working on. He'll be taking part in the NuArt festival that runs from the first week of September through November 4th. If you don't know about the festival and its line up of explosively talented artists, visit their website here. In addition to that, he's posted some stenciling viedos to YouTube that you can check out below. To see more you can visit his blog at

Beard and Moustache Championships

This Saturday, on the streets of Brighton, England, the annual World Beard and Moustache Championships will be taking place. Locals can catch up to 300 shaving-averse men from across the globe battle it out for the title.

Image and text from the

Blu At Lazarides Gallery in London

This image is from Tonight in London, the Blu show with Ericailcaine opens at Lazarides Gallery, so if you're in the Mother Country, take a walk over.

Aesop Rock "None Shall Pass" Video

Thursday, August 30, 2007

News of the World: Nigeria

Nigeria has overtaken Ireland as the second-largest market for Guinness in the world. The world is a big, interesting place, ain't it?

Maya Hayuk showing at Fifty24SF September 6th - 30th

Maya Hayuk will be showing paintings on wood and paper for "Forevers" at Fifty24SF Gallery. The opening reception will be held Thursday September 6th fom 7-9:30. Visit our website for more info. We made a little teaser video to get you hyped. Check it out below.

11 Questions with Maya Hayuk

1) White meat or dark meat?

Raw meat

2) Gravy or no gravy?


3) If you could collaborate with any artist or on any project, who and what would it be?

I'd want to design a self-sustaining, environmentally awesome human habitat with Buckminster Fuller and/ or Bruno Taut and invite a bunch of artists who would create site specific works (I'd want to learn to make glass windows), then we would all live there. Oh, and there would totally be a hot tub.

4) Give us your favorite Ukrainian insult?

Can't think of a good Ukie one off hand, but in Slavic there's "papushi mi kurez" which means "smoke my dick" and it's used by all genders.

5) What do you call your grandma?


6) Hockey, curling, or hunting?

Frisbee, hacky sack and pong

7) Thomas Kinkade: goon or genius?

8) Would you wear a Prefuse 73 tee shirt to a Prefuse 73 concert?

Only if it was tie dyed and the graphics were lit up with LCD's

9) Have you ever experienced a Ukrainian winter?

Not all the way thru, but I have been over there for a few weeks at a time, usually during winter. And a lot of people in the villages have small wood-burning saunas in sheds where they hang out, flail themselves with oak branches then roll around in the snow, their bellies filled with pig lard and vodka. It kind of rules.

10) Have you ever posed as someone else to get something for free?

Does a fake home-made on a Xerox machine and laminated press pass that got me into shows when I was underage count?

11) What word do you most overuse?


Braille Graffiti

Saw this on Wooster Collective.... what's next, a battery operated battery installer?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Photos from JR

JR emailed us this "after" shot of a wall in Palestine that was part of the Face2Face project he and Marco worked on. The project involved photographing Israelis and Palestinians doing the same jobs and to post the resulting images next to each other on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides. The "after" shot shows the wall in Palestine 3 months later. I pulled the "before" shot from his website, but you can read more about the Face2Face Project here.



Preview the Forest skate low top by Upper Playground

Another sweet design brought to you by Upper Playground as part of the Winter 2007 collection. The Forest skate low top will retail for $100 and will be available at this winter.

Preview new shoe design by Skotch for Upper Playground's Winter Collection

Upper Playground is offering an early look at this shoe designed by Skotch for the Winter 2007 collection. Check out the video while singing (in your head) the theme song from Jaws.

Nelson Mandela

Today in London, a statue of the former South African president and Nobel Peace Prize winner was unveiled in Parliament Square. Some people argued that the statue was not needed because of Mandela's notoriety of already being an "awesome world figure". Just put the damn thing up, most politicians in the West need the reminder.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New JR photos.

JR sent us some new photos he's taken on the road.... Morocco, France and Palestine to be exact.

Bast: Devilwood show at New Image

Here's some images of works by Bast that he did for his Devilwood solo show at New Image Gallery. You can see more on his website.

Pics from Craola

Here's some shots of Craola's studio and another pic of the latest addition to the Simkins family. You can read more about Craola on his blog.

Thanks for the Memories, Al!

Alberto Gonzales resigned yesterday from his post as the Attorney General of the United States of America. You may not even know who Gonzales is, but he likes to fire people unlawfully. It's awesome how he did it! But of all the memories in his sort time of "being important" I turn to comedy. Thanks Alberto.... you will be forgotten.

Jonathan Yeo x the GWB

From Wooster Collective: "Artist Jonathan Yeo was commissioned to create a portrait of President George W. Bush by a prominant US company, but was later told his services were not required. In response, he decided to do the portrait on his own.

Today, the work will make it's debut at Lazarides gallery on Greek Street in London."

Monday, August 27, 2007

Mario Wagner

Mario Wagner is an illustrator from Germany who does amazing work and whom I just spent a long time on his web site checking out all his work. If you have the time, check out

11 Questions with Mike Maxwell

1) Any relation to Vernon?

Yes he is my cousin.

2) Have you ever been whale watching, and if so, where?

I have not although I think San Diego is a good place to whale watch?

3) What word do you most overuse?


4) What kind of artists are you?

I'm a figurative painter

5) Are you a good history reader?

I usually read about bad history, but I am a history reader none the less.

6) Favorite U.S. politician ever is?

I think they are all crooks, liars, and scumbags, but if I have to choose one I would say Jefferson.

7) What is the first thing you're going to do when you get to Portland?


8) Is there a difference between Kellogs Frosted Flakes and Safeway Select Frosted Flakes?

I don't eat either but I imagine they are close to the same.

9) Favorite artist of all time?

I love them all

10) Favorite quote of all time?

"Measure twice cut once"

11) What's a Broken Social Scene, and do you think we can join?

It is a non working social scene, and for another quote, "I would not want to belong to any
club that would have me as a member"

Anthony Lister Video

Mr Lister just sent this video out, showing the process of how he creates his work.

Nate Williams x SF Chronicle

Illustrator Nate Williams, who is now residing in Brazil, did the cover art for this past weekend's Datebook pink section in the SF Chronicle. The paper did three different covers for the Fall arts preview, and altogether, they make a nice panel piece. I couldn't grab the image of, so these are from Nate's own site, He's got some great images on that site so check it out.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bid on Painting by Shawn Barber to Benefit Tennessee Dave

Tennessee Dave works at Vintage Tattoo and Art Parlor in Los Angeles, California. He recently suffered a freak accident where a spec of dirt got underneath his contact lens resulting in him having to have a cornea transplant. He has been out of work since this happened and, while his prognosis is good, there is no indication of when he'll be able to return to work. To help Tennessee Dave out there's a Shawn Barber piece being auctioned off on ebay. The portrait is of Tennessee Dave and was painted by Barber at the San Diego Comic Con. Proceeds from the winning bid will go to benefit Tennessee Dave while he is out of work. Acumen Entertainment/Movie Goods has generously donated their time, energy and select products for this benefit auction. If this link
doesn't work, then just use the search words "Tennessee Dave" on the ebay site.

"Walrus Finger" by Danni Nielsen

Danish U.P. buddy, Danni Nielsen, just whipped this up for all fans of the walrus to enjoy.....Upper Playground worldwide! Check out more art from Danni at

Shepard Fairey on IFC August 27th

Henry Rollins interviews street art icon, Shepard Fairey, on The Henry Rollins Show August 27th at 12:30am. Check out IFC's website
for more details and alternate viewing times.

Mama Tried

Mama Tried is a creative, product design venture headed up by known tattoo artist, Scott Campbell. Check out his new site. It'll change the way you look at your laptop.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Upper Playground Announces Preview of Fifty24SF Tees for Fall 07 Release

Upper Playground in association with Fifty24SF is offering a sneak peek of t-shirts designed by different artists for the Fifty24SF line. The El Indio design was created by the Date Farmers artist collective. There's also a Mad Libs shirt created by our own Mickey the Butcher, and a sick new design by LA painter, Retna. All shirts come in men's and women's sizes and will be available Fall 07 at

Preview! Upper Playground will release The Races shoe Winter 07

Upper Playground is offering a preview of "The Races" low top tennis shoe as part of its Winter 2007 collection. The Races shoe will retail for $100 and can be found at Check out the video for some ideas on how to put these puppies to use this Winter.

No one is safe

We can't be positive, but we're pretty effing sure that some sort of virus-type thinger is infecting the land and turning everything into walruses. It got JOHN MAYER for the love of god! Who could be next?!

WK Interact takes it to the streets of NYC

We found this on the Supertouch blog site. WK Interact has dropped 14 pieces (and counting) in Stage I of his series, "Bring Me Back" which features images of US soldiers and carries a clear, anti-war message. Stage II is on its way soon...

11 Questions with Craola

1) Morrissey was offerred $75 million to reunite the Smiths and said no. Good job or what the fuck?

What? That would have been sick.

2) Which group of people would you like to see reunite; band, political group, litte league team, whatever you can think of....

The Smiths

3) What word do you most overuse?

Sick. (not sick meaning ill, but sick meaning good. oh yeah, Ill also)

4) What contemporary artist do you most pay attention to...?

Alex Pardee

5) You have a kid now. When's the children's illustrated book happening?

I don't know if that will happen anytime soon. I have written a bunch of stuff for years, but I don't know if the stuff is appropriate for kids. Would be fun though.

6) Millard Filmore is . . ..

The thirteenth President of the United States (1850-1853)...Google is great.. I swear I knew he was a president though.

7) Who is the best cartoonist out there?

Chuck Jones

8) If George W Bush asked you to be the artist to draw his presidential White House portrait that would stand the test of time... your response would be?

Yes, But can I alter it a bit?

9) Qualities you admire in a carsalesman are?

Fine taste in shoes.

10) What foods do babies like?


11) And in the end....


Eine Art Show at Kemistry

UK-based street artist, Eine, is showing this month at London's Kemistry Gallery. Known for his big, blockbuster-style murals and shopfront shutter letters, Eine's show will consist of paintings new and old. We found these photos on the AWK Blog Magazine site.